Server Monitor

4.7 ( 6717 ratings )
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Developer: Maza Digital
3.99 USD

Server Monitor monitors your MacOS X Servers.

It scans your server for all details and enabled services, and displays the status of each of those services. Each service can be toggled on and off, as well as reading logs and relevant service information.

It is essentially a iPhone Viewer for Server Admin.

• MacOS X Server 10.4 or later supported
• Dynamically obtains list of enabled services (no need to select which services to check)
• Monitor as many servers as you need to
• No Additional software needed on the Server
• Start/Stop services, and even restart the entire Server
• Integrated Log viewer - supports all log files used by the services
• Detailed Server info - hardware, software, uptime and more

Supports Edge, 3G and WiFi - also works over VPN